Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mat Rempit made to sing National Anthem

Well I was reading any latest news about these 'rempits' online and I came across this funny rather interesting article where the police actually instruct them to form a line, stand straight, and sing their heart out to our national anthem song. Here`s the article.

IPOH: A group of Mat Rempit will remember Labour Day for a long time. They were made to sing the Negaraku after being arrested.

The 33 riders, aged between 17 and 25, were arrested during an operation that began at 3am at Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah yesterday.

State police traffic unit (enforcement) head Asst Supt Abd Malik Abu Bakar said 70 motorcycles were assembled there and the riders were getting ready to race when police moved in on them.

“Seeing our presence, they ran helter skelter. Some even fell off their machines,” said ASP Abd Malik, adding that 23 motorcycles were seized during the operation.

All were detained under Rule 6 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 and face a maximum fine of RM300 each. (That is about 100AUD)

The 33 were made to push their machines for 7km to the Sungai Senam police station where they were made to sing the national anthem.

He said there was no trouble as they sang, adding that “all finished singing the national anthem.”

“They seemed to know the lines,’’ ASP Abd Malik said, adding that the youths were made to sing the Negaraku to instil in them “the need to adhere to the country’s laws.”

From my point of view, the police seems to be surprised that these community knows their lines of the song. This show that they are aware of the country`s law and they don`t need to be reminded. This is something interesting to look into.

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