Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just got my release forms and have emailed them to the people that I`m going to interview with. Also here are some suggestions that made by Jenny.

Q5--not clear on whether you are interviewing just the rempits, or some other people critical of the rempits too. Later on you talk about wanting to be balanced. Wouldn't it best best to do interviews of people on both side of the fence?

Interviews will be done to see from both perspectives of the rempits and the society. Although the main focus is the rempits themselves with the issue.

How are you going to do the interviews? have you contacted some Rempits who have agreed? You do need to get them to sign the release form. You can do this by email, but it is required.

The ‘rempits’ as I will interview them online. There are three of them. I will also be interviewing some of the Malaysian society to get their perspectives and opinions towards this issue. I might need them to sign off the release forms as well.

If you are using someone else's videos, you must have explicit copyright permission to use it.

All copyright materials will be referenced. Videos that will be used will strictly be asked by the owner if I am allowed to use in the documentary.

q27--this sounds like a strength of your doco to me.

I’m worried audience might get the wrong impression as if I’m giving them a chance to defend and justify themselves where we all know what they are doing is wrong. Also the time limit, I know it is best if we keep it at least not more then 10 min. The interviewing might take up a lot of time so I will try and stressed out on the important points and keep is short and brief. The final outcome of this documentary when it is uploaded online might create a controversy among the rempits and the public.

q31--you are leaving production a bit late, especially if you have other deadlines. Better to start earlier.


I`m going to check out a documentary about gangs in LA that`s been suggested as well. Now i have a clear picture of my documentary, I`m thinking about adding commentary voice throughout the whole video. This will give out more documentary feeling rather then like a slide show.

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  1. I think whatever written in this post can be applied to everyones life. The things which come across while preparing for interviews are written nicely here. thanks for sharing.
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