Thursday, May 27, 2010

Documentary update

Last we showed the rough cut of our documentary in class. So far, my documentary is doing pretty alright. Jenny advised to work on the audio as the music is quite loud. Also, my vocals for the commentary. When my documentary wa splayed in class, it sounded distorted. Probably because of the cheap pc microphone i`m using? Anyways, i toned down the level of the music with the vocals. Editing was quite tricky as you need to have the timing right and give that whole conflict vibe to the audience. That`s where my skills in composing beats kicked in, lol. the introduction music of the documentary is a copyright music from the malaysian local radio channel, Hitz FM. They have no problem given me the permission to use the song ( through email) as they informed that many others have used the theme song for good purposes. This goes for all the video footage as well.

Other then that, the rest of the background music was originally composed by me. It`s kind of hard at first to create a background music that could really suits the conflict. But then again, i think i managed to overcome it. There are roughly around 4 original beats produced for this documentary. Now that the commentary vocals is too loud and distorted, I`m thinking of continuing the documentary with text and images. Plus, there are not many footage that i can use throughout the whole documentary. Text and images is a must to be put in, the background music will really help to bring out the vibe. I will explain more about the problems that i faced througout the whole editing process. For now, the final version is complete and I will upload it soon.


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