Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally it is done!

Documentary update

Last we showed the rough cut of our documentary in class. So far, my documentary is doing pretty alright. Jenny advised to work on the audio as the music is quite loud. Also, my vocals for the commentary. When my documentary wa splayed in class, it sounded distorted. Probably because of the cheap pc microphone i`m using? Anyways, i toned down the level of the music with the vocals. Editing was quite tricky as you need to have the timing right and give that whole conflict vibe to the audience. That`s where my skills in composing beats kicked in, lol. the introduction music of the documentary is a copyright music from the malaysian local radio channel, Hitz FM. They have no problem given me the permission to use the song ( through email) as they informed that many others have used the theme song for good purposes. This goes for all the video footage as well.

Other then that, the rest of the background music was originally composed by me. It`s kind of hard at first to create a background music that could really suits the conflict. But then again, i think i managed to overcome it. There are roughly around 4 original beats produced for this documentary. Now that the commentary vocals is too loud and distorted, I`m thinking of continuing the documentary with text and images. Plus, there are not many footage that i can use throughout the whole documentary. Text and images is a must to be put in, the background music will really help to bring out the vibe. I will explain more about the problems that i faced througout the whole editing process. For now, the final version is complete and I will upload it soon.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why We Bang Documnetary Intro

The film, Why We Bang, produced and directed by Orlando Myrics and Clifford Jordan for Ghetto Logik Entertainment is an independent film that documents the historical background of LA’s Bloods and Crips gangs, then transitions into several interviews of current and former members of the Bloods and Crips of Los Angeles.

Ghetto Logik, a Film Company based in South Los Angeles offers their first urban documentary as a result of being disappointed in seeing outsiders far too often portray the stories of ghetto residents. “We just got tired of seeing people, not from our community making so called “Hood movies” that did not really depict what our community was all about, our goal is to bring real images and real stories about real people to the big screen.”

Their first effort, Why We Bang is an in-depth look into Gang Culture in Los Angeles that shows up-close, the life in South Los Angeles, talking and walking with real gang members first hand. Their approach was to show the gangs, their motivations and deadliness and to capture the voices of the mothers who have lost children to the violence that gangs bring. Their story, through several narratives will inform you Why We Bang. (Excerpt from

Their intro is pretty simple but their concept is similiar to mine where they start with a conflict issue. A good way to show gang related problem issue. Although their focus is trying turn the documentary into a movie structure, in terms of editing, it is quite poor. I guess it is due to budget limit. Overall it is a good documentary and I could relate the style to it.

Here`s the link to the documentary.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Skinheads Documentary

Ok so I have just watched a very2 interesting documentary (that i have recorded) about American Skinheads on National Geographic channel. Although their conflict is much more heavier then my subject issue, I could still relate it to my project.

Here`s a little bit of info about the documentary.

The American Skinheads spreads their culture through music. Throughout the entire documentary, it shows a lot of footage about the community jamming together and even their oi! oi! music gigs. They seek young white adults to be recruited in their community. What surprises me most is when they show these skinheads even have martial art lessons for self defense! (and they can really kick some a**)They really train like soldiers.

They interviewed couple of skinhead followers,leaders and experts such as the human right activist and sociologist of some university. One of the expert said that i find interesting is that these skinheads have excellent skills in PR which consist of talking to people to recruit, handling promotions and events of their community for their goal of racial dominance.

They use music and new media such as the internet as their most important tool in recruiting. They even produced their own video game where players get to shoot and beat up other races in the game. A book titled 'Turner Diaries' where racial issues being stressed out was even been distributed.

In the documentary, the director focuses more on getting into the skinheads perspectives rather then others. There are only 2 experts thats been interviewed to get their opinions, and more then 5 skinheads that's been interviewed. This is what I`m trying to achieve with my documentary where I`m trying to balance fair perspectives by both side of the rempits and public or society. I won`t be able to interview any expert though)

In the interviews the skinheads stresses out that they are not racist but its the feeling of power & control (I have a feeling the rempits I`m going to interview will say the same thing).

They claim it does not start with racism but power and it`s all about love for their race. They also interviewed an ex member of the community where he was beaten up because he wants out from the group. The ex member claim that in the 1960s, skinheads are not racist towards other race, they just living up their beliefs in what they deserve to get. He label it as a traditional culture and he practice that culture until today with his other fellow mates. They claimed, the skinhead group that are not racist is called 'SHARP'. They claim a lot of negative things have been thrown to them because of the bad image other skinheads community have portrayed. It`s pretty much the same with the rempit issue, where group of motorcyclist will be considered as rempit and society hates them because of the bad behaviour of the rempit community.

Well, obviously my documentary won`t be good as the one i just saw. But I could use some of the features and elements that they use in the documentary.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just got my release forms and have emailed them to the people that I`m going to interview with. Also here are some suggestions that made by Jenny.

Q5--not clear on whether you are interviewing just the rempits, or some other people critical of the rempits too. Later on you talk about wanting to be balanced. Wouldn't it best best to do interviews of people on both side of the fence?

Interviews will be done to see from both perspectives of the rempits and the society. Although the main focus is the rempits themselves with the issue.

How are you going to do the interviews? have you contacted some Rempits who have agreed? You do need to get them to sign the release form. You can do this by email, but it is required.

The ‘rempits’ as I will interview them online. There are three of them. I will also be interviewing some of the Malaysian society to get their perspectives and opinions towards this issue. I might need them to sign off the release forms as well.

If you are using someone else's videos, you must have explicit copyright permission to use it.

All copyright materials will be referenced. Videos that will be used will strictly be asked by the owner if I am allowed to use in the documentary.

q27--this sounds like a strength of your doco to me.

I’m worried audience might get the wrong impression as if I’m giving them a chance to defend and justify themselves where we all know what they are doing is wrong. Also the time limit, I know it is best if we keep it at least not more then 10 min. The interviewing might take up a lot of time so I will try and stressed out on the important points and keep is short and brief. The final outcome of this documentary when it is uploaded online might create a controversy among the rempits and the public.

q31--you are leaving production a bit late, especially if you have other deadlines. Better to start earlier.


I`m going to check out a documentary about gangs in LA that`s been suggested as well. Now i have a clear picture of my documentary, I`m thinking about adding commentary voice throughout the whole video. This will give out more documentary feeling rather then like a slide show.

Mat Rempit made to sing National Anthem

Well I was reading any latest news about these 'rempits' online and I came across this funny rather interesting article where the police actually instruct them to form a line, stand straight, and sing their heart out to our national anthem song. Here`s the article.

IPOH: A group of Mat Rempit will remember Labour Day for a long time. They were made to sing the Negaraku after being arrested.

The 33 riders, aged between 17 and 25, were arrested during an operation that began at 3am at Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah yesterday.

State police traffic unit (enforcement) head Asst Supt Abd Malik Abu Bakar said 70 motorcycles were assembled there and the riders were getting ready to race when police moved in on them.

“Seeing our presence, they ran helter skelter. Some even fell off their machines,” said ASP Abd Malik, adding that 23 motorcycles were seized during the operation.

All were detained under Rule 6 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 and face a maximum fine of RM300 each. (That is about 100AUD)

The 33 were made to push their machines for 7km to the Sungai Senam police station where they were made to sing the national anthem.

He said there was no trouble as they sang, adding that “all finished singing the national anthem.”

“They seemed to know the lines,’’ ASP Abd Malik said, adding that the youths were made to sing the Negaraku to instil in them “the need to adhere to the country’s laws.”

From my point of view, the police seems to be surprised that these community knows their lines of the song. This show that they are aware of the country`s law and they don`t need to be reminded. This is something interesting to look into.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Need footage

Ok, apparently keepvid is not working at all today. I have no clue what is happening. I have tried so many times to download and keep couple of videos, but it won`t let me. It says their website is experiencing some problems and they are fixing it. This is my 6th attempt trying. I`m trying to get some footage for my documentary, what I have now is not enough. This is so frustrating, I will definitely try again tomorrow and see how it goes. I hope it`ll be back to normal by tomorrow.

Ive revised my learning contract draft and have emailed the to Jenny. Hope everything`s good on that part. Somewhere this week I`ll be conducting my online interviews. Still mind mapping with the questions that I`m planning to ask.

4 weeks left till the semester ends. This will be a super hectic week, bluergh!